Today I am afraid

Today, I am so sad. Heart broken really. I am also afraid, so very afraid. I am afraid because I can not and will not ever be able to understand what happened today. And since I can not understand, reason or rationalize this horrific event, I can’t prevent it from happening. I can’t avoid it or plan or prepare. I feel helpless. Like I want to become one of those people who never leaves the house and never let my children out either. Ever.
Not one of those families could ever have imagined that today, that this morning would be the last time they ever saw their precious babies alive. Or their husband or wife, friend or colleague. No one knows that. Ever. More


Felt it coming on last night, and woke up horribly sick again. Could barely get out of bed today, so nauseous and weak. I have been very strict with my diet, but obviously not careful enough. I am so frustrated. So frustrated. Nothing conclusive in the tests the doctor did in the fall, she recommended more invasive tests, which I have been avoiding. Guess I’d better stop avoiding them.

Be thankful






believe it is possible

“Believe it is possible to solve your problem. Tremendous things happen to the believer. So believe the answer will come. It will”
~Norman Vincent Peale More

This actually works!


After a bad experience trying to do an all natural hair strengthening mask years ago, I don’t normally try these type of things. The afore mentioned “treatment” may have resulted in scrambled egg…in my hair. But this works! My skin feels amazing and looks brighter and fresher! Unlike the at home avocado mask that turned my face bright red for three days. This little treatment with the lemon and honey actually seems to be improving my skin! Give it a try!

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